Last week, I published these articles on inquisitr:

Monday, 4.4.16 There was a major data leak that is still being investigated a week later.  Rich business owners, heads of state and country leaders’ names are on documents linking offshore bank accounts to possible money laundering and tax evasion.  The fallout is yet to be seen…
#PanamaPapers #Gunnlaugsson #moneylaundering #Panamaleak

Tuesday, 4.5.16  After yet another campus protest based on yet another racially motivated charge, students at #PrincetonUniversity have opened a dialogue.  Campus authorities decided to keep #WoodrowWilson’s name on campus buildings and programs because of his positive contributions to the history of the school and the U.S.; however, there will also be new programs that will directly address the negative aspects of his racial beliefs at the time he was president.

Thursday, 4.7.16  #AmySchumer was upset with #Glamour for using her in their plus size issue, however, they swore it was a celebration issue.  But it opened another much needed conversation about weight and health and #bodyimage in the U.S. and what each one of those things mean.

Friday, 4.8.16  Two male soldiers from #FortHood attacked a female soldier from their unit after catching her with another male soldier.  The injuries they gave her sent her to the hospital and led to the two attackers being arrested.

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