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Published Monday, 3.28.16  Sadly a 4-year-old little girl was attacked and beheaded on a morning walk with her mother on the streets of Taiwan.  The homeless man carrying a cleaver decapitated her.  #girldecapitated

Published Tuesday, 3.29.16  Fabulous new research has found that a blood test can diagnose a concussion up to seven days after the trauma, allowing for better treatment.  #concussionbloodtest

Published Wednesday, 3.30.16  Unfortunately, Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company is being sued for false advertising with the complainant stating the ingredients in her products are not as all natural as claimed.  All corporations go through this, but THC works very hard, through extensive research, to make great products!  #HonestCompany  #THC

And then this week…!

Published Monday, 4.4.16  The leaked #PanamaPapers have many officials nervous.  The largest data leak EVER to date, the millions of pages contain information about offshore accounts belonging to hundreds of influential people and country leaders.  #Panamaleak  #dataleak

Published Tuesday, 4.5.16  Students at #PrincetonUniversity protested to remove Woodrow Wilson’s campus presence due to his historically racist behavior (over 100 years ago), but the university performed a thorough review and decided his name will stay, and the university will go forward with new diversity programs for students.  #Princetonprotest  #WoodrowWilson

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