An author and friend of mine wrote this and it was just too funny not to share. And too true. What are your favorite stall tactics when you just aren’t feeling it?

Angela Christina Archer

10257005_750816031616231_4939752478854514212_nSo, I have to say that I’m actually doing pretty good on my resolution of writing 500-1,000 words a day.

Some are more, while others are less. Some are easy, while others are hard.

The only real problem I’m having are those pesky days where I just don’t have it in me. The days where I lack any motivation to even look at my computer, let alone open it up and actually use my imagination to spring forth utter brilliance . . . or something remotely coherent about my story and characters.

Instead of caving into those dark days, though, I force myself to sit down and type. Those days I usually count down each word down as I go, well, because even though writing is the last thing on the plant I want to be doing in that given moment, by gosh, this book isn’t going to write itself and I have a deadline and darn it…

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