And it is Super Bowl Sunday (isn’t every Sunday “Super Bowl” Sunday?).  Snacks have been planned, food is being prepared, beverages have been purchased, bets have been placed (don’t act like you didn’t), team colors have been carefully interjected into every piece of the game-watching outfits to be worn, foam fingers may or may not be ready to come out and be waved in the air.

Who do we think will pull it off today?  Let’s go to the board…

Team God is looking alert and ready, but very calm.  Anticipation is in the air, and the angels are stretching out, ready to go.  You can see the team colors from here.  The white is dazzling and that gold just pops, sort of like some guy named Cam Newton’s shoes, except in a good way.

We can expect the white team to operate by the book, using smart calls and strong but fair plays.  Can you see down there on the field?  It looks like the water is all lined up on the sidelines…or is that wine?  They could be getting an early start, filling up with the good stuff!

super bowl chalice2

On the other side, Team Satan is snarling and stomping around and getting ready.  The demons have exited the tunnel and are huddling on the sidelines.  We can only assume this team will use the same underhanded, sneaky tactics as they always do.  Their passion for play matches their red outfits, which are on fire.


The teams on both sides are talking to the cheerleaders as they come out onto the field.  Some are smiling, some are chatting…well that’s interesting.  Some are changing sides.  Although we aren’t surprised; this happens every year, with fans and cheerleaders alike.  Some of those who start out on the red side end up on the white side.

Funny how it’s never gone in the opposite direction.  Once you’re on the white side, you stay there.  Those are some great team management skills on the white team’s side.

And there’s the kick-off…and an interesting first half.  It’s been a competitive game so far.  Based on previous stats, the second half will continue to be a nail biter.  Both sides have different strengths going for them.

The red side makes it easy for everybody to follow their direction, but they set them up with lies, deceit, betrayal.  Things that look good at first turn out to be poison and sometimes it’s too late to turn around, leading to certain loss.

The white side seems like the most difficult at first, with hills and valleys and challenges and choices that really make the followers think and consider.  They will have to choose what their integrity level will be with each play, whether others are watching them or they are alone.  But in the end, they win bigger than anything they ever expected.

There are lots of watchers and participants!  Cheerleaders, fans, on the sidelines, in the stands, watching from the comfort of their living rooms…at this half-time some are even joining the teams out on the field.

We aren’t sure who will pull this one off, we’ll have to settle in and watch the exciting second half…oh wait.  I am receiving Word, something is coming in to me from the production room.  Yes, some have read the end of the playbook.  It will continue to be a challenging, exciting, suspense-filled nail biter, but Team God will ultimately declare victory!

Which team will you be rooting for?  Better yet, which team will you join?


Becky is a single mom and a reluctant disciple, called to share her story with others in her own unconventional way.  She knows God equips her for her journey, and does her best to trust in His plan for that journey, and not to judge others on their journeys…unless the waist of their pants is at their butt cheeks; then she thinks they should pull those puppies up.  Or if somebody says she eats too much chocolate; then she just can’t be friends with them anymore.  But she will pray for them.  Join her to discover how your plans and God’s plans come together in this life filled with groovy trails.