If you have ever been through any type of business or personal development training AT ALL, you have been challenged to identify or explain yourself in 30 seconds or less.

“If someone got on the elevator with you and asked what you do, what would you tell them between the first and tenth floors?”

The first time this question was presented to me, I froze.  My brain froze, my tongue froze, any intelligent thoughts disappeared.

What do I do? For a living? Um…

I’d been writing for so many years in one form or another since I was a child that I didn’t know how to say it any differently.  “I write.”  Not “I’m a writer”, which would have been even a tiny bit clearer, but a very generic, vague, broad statement.  And then came the inevitable question:

What do you write?

Then more freezing.  And some stammering.  Then I knew it was time to become more succinct.

Before you can tell others what you do, you have to know in your heart what you do.  You have to ask yourself some specific questions.

What do I do?  Why do I do it?  What do I want to do?  Why is this my passion and not underwater basket weaving?  Unless underwater basket weaving is your passion and then, well, more power to you.

Once you figure out your personal whats and whys, how do you stay the course year after year, or month after month, with all of the challenges and distractions and doubts and fears and judgments and crap that comes your way?

Back to the beginning…

The same way you got started in the first place…go back to the beginning.  Revisit your foundation.  This works with everything you do in life when you get overwhelmed, lost, misguided.

Why do I have kids?  Why do I even need a degree?  What if I cut my hair off?  Why am I married/single?  Why do I write?  What if I bought a sports car?  Why do I like underwater basket weaving?

Any and everything.

In this season of my life trying to get the business going and things propelled forward, I have been asked many questions recently that have forced me to think in specifics.  I narrowed down the answers and decided to share them here for two reasons – 1) in the hopes it might help someone else get specific, and 2) so you would know what makes me tick and why I give a darn about what I give a darn about.  (Including why that last preposition-ending sentence is so painful to my inner OCD and grammar nazi-ness!)

Q:  What is most important to you?
A:  My kids.  My writing.  My relationships.  My spiritual walk.  My health.  Somedays, just chocolate.

Q:  Why do you blog?
A:  God gave me the gift of writing, and that is how I communicate best.  I have a message to communicate so I need to write it.

Q:  How would you describe your 30-second self now?
A:  I am a blogger, author, and reluctant disciple who helps the confused, over-weary and overburdened understand how God’s Word and prayer apply to everyday life so they can be less confused, weary and burdened, and more empowered.

Q:  Why are you passionate about your business?
A:  The desire to communicate this message is parked inside me.  A passion is something you cannot give up; it’s a calling, almost like an obligation.  [Tweet this!]  I feel like this whatever you call it was given to me as my mission and I can’t give that up.

Q:  Why do you want to change things for other people?
A:  I’ve been where many others are (confused, weary, burdened)…heck I still am many days, but I’ve learned things on my journey.  Like sometimes our journey in life is meant for us to learn from and sometimes it is meant for us to help others learn.  I want to share what I’ve learned to perhaps ease a small part of someone else’s journey.

Q:  Why can you do it better than someone else?
A:  I was put on my journey for a reason.  My voice is unique and I was given that voice for a reason.  I am able to communicate in a way nobody else does.  I am the only me there is.  Just like you are the only you there is.  That doesn’t mean my voice is for everybody; not everybody will “hear” me, but those who need to, will.  And I write for them.


Becky is a single mom navigating her own groovy trails.  She knows God has called her to share His Word with others even though she is reluctant in that calling, but feels confident that He will equip her along the way with what she needs for her journey.  She does her best to trust in that knowing, and to not judge others on their journeys.  Unless the waist of their pants is at their butt cheeks; then she thinks they should pull those puppies up.  Or if somebody says she eats too much chocolate; then she just can’t be friends with them anymore.  Join her to discover how your plans and God’s plans come together in this life full of reluctant discipleship!