Unless you’re a hermit, you’ve seen the horrific tragedies all over the media – a shooting here, a shooting there, shootings everywhere.

And soon thereafter – because it is always soon thereafter – talk of gun control here, the gun’s fault there, blaming the gun everywhere.

Why, when the dentist killed the lion, was it the dentist’s fault but when the mentally unstable man killed the people in the church, it was the gun’s fault?  Or when the mentally unstable terrorist mass murdered the college students, it was the gun’s fault?

Are we seeing the theme here?

Is it also the long knives’ and machetes’ fault for killing 29 people in a China train station last year?

Or the fertilizer’s fault for blowing up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City?

Or the pressure cooker’s fault for exploding at the Boston Marathon?  Was it the backpack’s fault?

NO.  The answer – like it or not – to ALL of these questions is a resounding NO.

It is sad.  It is tragic.  It is horrible.  These events should not happen, but they are not happening because a device is doing something, they are happening because mentally unstable people are doing something.

Stilettos...fashion statement?  Or murder weapon?
Stilettos…fashion statement? Or murder weapon?

It is not the device’s fault.  It is not the device’s responsibility NOT to do what it is made to do.  It is the operator’s responsibility to use the device correctly…and the operator’s fault when used to injure and kill.

Listening to the Chicken Littles (many running for some office), controlling the number of guns on the street will prevent these tragedies.  That is completely false.

In that sense, “gun control” means the same as knife control, car control, hand control, bomb control, stiletto heels control, guitar string control, spatula control…because yes, all of these items and more have been used to kill people.  Should we remove all of them from being available to the public?  Of course not.

When guns – like computers and robots and people who should be paying attention (medical health professionals?  close family members?  close friends?  aware citizens?) – become intuitive and can learn to foretell what the gun holder’s nefarious plans are, THEN maybe it would be possible to blame the gun.

Until the gun’s lawyer blames the bullets.

There needs to be more awareness, there needs to be better access to mental healthcare, there needs to be more thorough and far-reaching training to recognize the characteristics and traits these people exhibit ahead of time.  There needs to be more speaking out about suspicions.  Will that prevent every tragedy?  No.  It just won’t.  But it will help.  And any help is better than no help.

Becky is a single mom navigating her own groovy trails.  She tries to “keep it real” in her belief of Jesus Christ, in knowing she is imperfect like everybody else on the planet (only God is perfect), and in trying not to judge others.  Unless the waist of their pants is at their butt cheeks; then she thinks they should pull those puppies up.  Or if somebody says she eats too much chocolate; then she just can’t be friends with them anymore.  Join her to discover how your plans and God’s plans come together in this life full of Groovy Trails!