A hurricane doesn’t just decide one day that it wants to “be” and appear on its own over a large body of water.  It builds and grows, gradually, and it involves many components like moist tropospheres, low level convergence, and earth vorticity.

confused baby2

What that means in “normal words” is it involves a lot of heat and weak air and moisture and winds that develop into thunderstorms that develop into tropical depressions that develop into tropical storms that then develop into hurricanes.  Whew!

All of these conditions gather together and grow, building into bigger storms.  Kind of like in our lives.  When one thing goes wrong, it very often seems that something else will go wrong right after.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about preventing these storms – whether in nature, or in our lives.  Contrary to the geniuses in every Sharknado movie…so I’ve heard…you can’t throw a bomb into the middle of the storm and dissipate it…or can you?

Eye…or Storm

The eye of the hurricane is the center of the chaos; everything else rotates around it.  The eye is the calmest part of the storm because the strong, swirling winds force the storm outward, away from the center, leaving the eye calm.

Most days, do you feel calm and peaceful, even though things may be hectic around you?  Or do you feel you are being thrown and tossed around in a storm?  And how do we make ourselves feel calm and peaceful, even when it feels like we are smack dab in the middle of a storm?

Throw an Elf Bomb in it

Over the last little bit of time, I’ve had my own storm develop.  It seemed one thing after another kept happening until the most recent event:  my air-conditioning went out in the middle of a hot Texas summer.  To be honest, I was upset and I said some colorful things.  I even threw an elf bomb out.

Elf Judy

Hebrews 11:1 says faith is “confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”.  It’s like the presence of oxygen…we are confident it’s there even though we do not see it.  And, we’d know if it wasn’t there, right?  This concept is exactly what Elf Judy shared in the movie The Santa Clause when she said “Seeing isn’t believing; believing is seeing.”  Sometimes we just have to have faith.

Smart elf.

More than Just the Facts


  • I need a new A/C unit and it will cost $thousands.
  • The current income stream has, let’s say, dwindled.
  • Temperatures are 100º+ so expediency is kind of important.
  • I got bogged down with the facts and forgot how blessed I am that I have friends who loaned me their window unit.

just the facts

I got stuck in the natural, i.e. the storm, and it was beating me up.  But, then I ran across this the other day and it reminded me of what is bigger than the storm that will get me back into the calm eye:

“There are times in life when the facts are not our friend.  If you look at your situation only in the natural, you don’t see how breakthrough can happen.  But God is bigger than the facts.” ~ Joel Osteen

So, I’m listening to Judy and the Hebrews (sounds like a great children’s book title), and the singer Jeremy Camp whose words say it best:

Well I will walk by faith
Even when I cannot see 

I am keeping the faith because I know it will work out, even though I don’t know how.  But my job isn’t to know how it will work out, only that it will.

I’ll update what happens next!  When have you been in a storm and how did it all work out?  Please feel free to share, you never know how it might bless somebody else.