Pastor Ernie is not only my former pastor, but a man I consider my friend. He is always able to translate God’s word for me so that I can understand it. Today’s post was one of those that made me go “hmmm” because it is easy to pray and be thankful in sunshine and rainbows, but not always in the storms. And I have a few storms blowing around right now…

Fuel for the journey


Colossians 4: Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with thanksgiving.

This verse caught my attention today. The apostle Paul is giving instruction to the believers in Colossia and speaks here of prayer. To devote ourselves to prayer is to make it a high priority. In this way, prayer isn’t something to be done if we have time. It’s something to be done before anything else.

My wife Jana has pointed out to me recently that we’ve not been consistent in our prayers together. And she’s right. Though we pray together most days, it really needs to be EVERY day. It doesn’t take long for me to realize we have a great deal to pray about – good and bad. I’ll bet you do too.

A second thing that struck me from this verse is the idea we should “keep alert in (prayer) with thanksgiving”. Thanksgiving is the cousin…

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